Made creative.

We deeply believe each and every person is born creative. We're passionate about helping others rediscover their innate creativity and offer support as we all naturally cycle in and out of creative energy.

Perhaps we've always known we were creative, but now we're able to start to put words to what that means for all of us.

  • Everyone is born creative.
  • Creativity is to be developed and practiced.
  • The natural world, including our life and creativity, is cyclical.
  • A creative is who you are not what you do.

We have backgrounds in computer programming and molecular biology. Recently, we've begun to ask ourselves what it would look like to embrace creativity in our own lives and share that with others. We started to look for a space to function as an artist retreat space and kept asking questions about what creativity is and what creatives need to be able to continue to do what comes naturally to them. We'd love to invite you along with us as we experiment, fail, teach, make and live.

Creative Resources

Products and practices we're developing and learning to embrace to help cultivate our own and other's innate creativity.

The Creative Cycle

The nature of the creative cycle is such that we are either bid to create or desperate to be creatively fed.

Each day, you have the option to decide where you are on the creative cycle. In or out? Do you need to ingest or are you ready to pour out and make something? And what do you do when you're in a creative slump? We sat down and talked about making the most of the down time.


Helping you discover and develop your innate creativity through daily creative prompts.

A free app for iOS and Android. Decide whether you’re feeling creative or not. Each day, the set of prompts changes and you have the option to pick a prompt to either help feed you creatively (“in”) or give you something to do or make (“out”).

Dabbling Nights

The purpose of Dabbling is to play. To try something new.

It gets your brain functioning a little differently. The only rule of Dabbling is to have no expectations for a pretty outcome. Freeing it up to make mistakes and approach things from a different angle. Pick a new art form, invite a few friends over and try it out together (here's one to get you started). Share what you create with each other and enjoy the journey of it all.

Creative Practices

4 practices you can start today to help develop a creative mindset.

These are simple exercises to help exercise your own creativity. Subscribe to our emails to receive our guide along with a code for %15 off your entire purchase in our shop.

Steve + Leigh

We are a husband + wife team helping others discover and develop their innate creativity. Born and raised in Central Ohio. High school sweethearts now with two kiddos, a poodle and lots of dreams.

Steve + Leigh Zeidner